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I personally make each piece by hand to create rings and necklaces that are as individual as the people that wear them. Blending Pacific culture and European history, made from nature, made for YOU.

About waiata


  Whilst in Cannes I had an opportunity to do a shoot with Miky, a wonderful Artist with such a sunny disposition! We had a wonderful day playing with clothes ad jewels.....It was the first time I did the photos, styling, and made the jewels of course)) It was nice to have confidence in my skills after doing soooo many photoshoots with other talented way to learn, watching, listening then doing.  Miky was such a joy to co-create with and the oh my I LOVE the images.....x  

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A FUN shoot with lovely MIKY!

Raised in New Zealand but inspired by the world, Waiata Jewellery is hand-crafted from the quaintest studio in the heart of London.

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The Waiata Way: Handmade Jewellery for the World

Wherever we travel to we always seek out the local treasures!

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The Waiata Way: Wood & Crystal, Ethically Sourced

The necklace range is a special piece of Waiata Jewellery. The crystal sits right at the heart of your being, giving the crystal chance to seep and spread calmness to every fibre of your body.   Our Waiata necklaces are hand crafted, beautifully woven from the finest metals, centred and finished with hand-cut crystals and most importantly, made to your custom order.   Waiata wanted to design necklaces that were of course premium to the touch, heavy to hold and cool on the collarbone. What makes these pieces unique is the natural material, the craft and heart that is poured into each and every link in the chain, the precision woven into every knot of gold-plated steel that holds every precious crystal.   Take our Rosie Royal [linked], a heady mix of Rose Swarovski crystals, Rose quartz beads and raw Rose quartz crystals make for an opulently stunning piece.Chunky natural and real, this is the epitome of a CHARMING necklace, very elegant and very dreamy. We’ve nicknamed this piece the LOVE necklace because it will attract a lot of it. Our necklaces are a very special purchase and make the ideal gift for a loved one, friend or family member.   If you’re interested in discovering more about the power of crystals and the crystals that are right for you, follow the crystal pages on our website, or try our crystal finder to unearth the crystal that speaks to your soul above them all (coming soon).

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Our Necklace Range: A Heart of Crystal

We explore the power of Waiata crystals amidst a hectic world and dive into the powers of some of our favourite stones

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The Power of Crystals: Waiata Jewellery in a Busy World

Get to know Waiata a little better with our journal post behind the founder and the jewellery...

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Let’s Talk Waiata: Behind the Founder and The Jewellery
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